Balboa skatepark


no building yet but the other areas have been started. we will contact the people in charge and see what they are going to do. since the log shop closed and tait from the log shop is supposed to be building it, who knows if he is still around. Stay tuned!


so found out more about this park. it will be skate lite and wood.

sorry cant do any thing about it


after a little investigation here is what i found out. this park below has been designed and will be built soon. although we as a skate community were never really invited to participate in either picking the designer or involved in the design. looks hoky and inadequate. notice the cage you will be skating in and the 3 foot bowl for kids. anyone ever hear of speerco skateparks? …. i didnt think so.

11×17 for community


check thios page for an update on the new balboa skatepark… who knew?

here is a map

It’s true the rec and park dept and local nieghbors in the Balboa district have plans to build a skatepark at balboa park. The SFSA was contacted a few years back about this project and assigned a sfsa member to the project. We got busy with the central freeway and waller st skateparks and let balboa slip through the cracks. we will have more info soon and will be meeting to help pick a designer and builder. stay tuned.



13 comments on “Balboa skatepark

  1. i saw the newer plans they llook so awesome. and they said coming 2012. does that mean it will be finished my then???

  2. here are the newest plans for balboa skatepark. many questions, sorry we were not really involved in any part of this so we are not responsible for the jail fence, and 3 ft kiddie pool. or that it is at the far end of the park and next to a crowded street, perfect for everything we are trying to keep out of our parks. grafitti from others, pedifiles, and homeless. lets hope we can get involved and at least get it built right.

  3. The park plans are awesome i passed by today but nothing has been started. is it actually gunna be done in spring 2012?

  4. alright this is nick tucker and i demand a 5 foot bowl atleast not a little foot bowl thats nothing. say no mo bdaddy out. by the way im sponsored by diamond.

  5. That’s fine that none of you have heard of Speerco, you have now. We are only the best wooden round wall builders in the world and being that everyone has been on a concrete kick for the last decade, we completely understand.
    Tait introduced us to the project more than 2 years ago after we built his half bowl at the Log Shop in Pacifica out of an old ramp we had. I never thought it would actually happen but here we are now. I believe they are pouring the concrete foundation sometime this month and we are scheduled to install the park sometime in late July if everything works out.
    As far as the design goes, there were limits as well as pretty small space but for what it is I think a lot of kids are going to have a good time and the 5′ bowl will be fun to just cruise around for skaters of all levels.

    • please look at our central freeway project. that is the level that we are working at. world class permanent skate parks, balboa will need to be resurfaced within a few years. wish you guys would have reached out to the locals but that seems to be the way people are from out of town. the bowl at the now defunct log shop was fun but not what we want outside.

  6. Why is the tranny part of the park going to be wooden, that’s not very smart if it rains, it doesn’t even look like it’s going to be indoors so maybe you guys would want to rethink that idea but please hurry and finish this park so us slatted can skate more!!

    • The entire park will be skate lite. Not what we want but we were not involved on this project when it was designed. You have to talk with Tait from the now defunct log shop. He is doing it. Skate it till it ducks.

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