Golden Gate Park- Waller St


waller st skatepark is a hit! we have had nothing but good feedback about the park and we are working to get funding for a permanent park. the rec and park department and the SFSA is actively seeking funding from a variety of sources. Stay tuned!



Waller St. is a skateboarding area. It is also a multi-use area. This means on days where there is other events, skateboarding is only allowed on the west 1/3 portion of Waller St. less events are scheduled for Waller in the future.

This project is a 6 month trial project lasting in 3 phases. Phase 1: Temporary objects. Phase 2: Rearrange and add objects according to the projects success.  Phase 3: Build a permanent skatepark from the success’s of Waller St. history.

We need to be respectful at Waller St. The city is tracking the amount of trash, graffiti, vandalism, sound, crime, as well as how many youth use the space, its positivity on the neighborhood, its success. Not respecting the space threatens the future of Waller St. 10-5-11


the infamous wendy’s benches from markets st  circa 1980’s 90’s ) have been installed as part of the pavement to parks program. over the next few months the rec and park – along with the SFSA and various other neighborhood groups will be acessing how the skatepark and various other groups will be able to co-use the space, eventually there will be a jersey barrier and other seating. also remember the flat spot at 6th st is for rollerskaters and needs to be respected. we now have a spot to call our home so let’s make it ours and ….



Great news for all who have been SCREAMING for and update.The SFSA had a meeting with rec and park dept. on friday May 13th to discuss the Waller St temp “park or pavement” to parks program. We met with Phil Ginsburg head of rec park and chris duderstandt from the roller skating group at sixth st. Ted Lowenberg VP SFSA, Kent Uyehara from FTC, Justin Marks from SFSA and LeftSideSF, along with Alex Randolf and Brent Dennis from rec park and John Bera from REBAR. (whew!) John Bera did a presentation of skateable features and seating for farmers market and the food trucks that use the space also. Ted gave a brief presentation of the skateboard task forces work prior to the formation of the SFSA and Kent and I spoke to the development of Waller st as a skatepark.  Everyone from the city was very impressed and Phil gave the word to start and he would deal with the politicians  and they also decided to make this project a priority! So, in the next few weeks you will start to see the formation of  the WALLER ST SKATE PLAZA!!!(Phase one)

THANK YOU ALL!!!!! especially the young crew holding down the flat spot and not giving in or giving up!!

Keep Rollin


we are working with the park and rec dept. to find funding to begin the design phase of waller st. we are also trying to install temp ramps to bring the public out to this space. We are also trying to find an angel for this park…. any suggestions would be great.


we just got the wendys benches from market st to add to waller st temp. park. more to come

Golden Gate Park –Well it seems that after three years in the making we finally
got some negative neighbors in the Haight to oppose the skate park at Waller st. at
the beginning, we blew it off, considering we had already got the ordinance passed
and things were moving along with the design contracts. After waiting a month for
the city to do it’s business I stopped by the rec and park and asked what’s taking so
long? Come to find, that the “friends of the hate” group convinced Ross Mirkarimi to
hold up the contract signing until “a better venue was found” by having a petition
online signed by 133 people. Well after trying to speak with him and sending him
polite emails to persuade him to continue to support us, he continued to ignore us.
We started our own petition online and sent him a less than flattering e mail(along
with 60 of our loyal members, including Thrasher and Deluxe). SFSA acting vice
president Justin Mark went to a city meeting with the Mayor and convinced him to
continue to support us and get the contract signed. JUSTIN MADE THIS HAPPEN!
His personal efforts paid off. Within a month we raised 1000 signatures and
Mayor Newsom and Rec and Park director Phil Ginsburg got the contract signed.
What does that mean? It means we move into the design phase. It also means we
have a lot of hard work still ahead convincing the neighbors the skate park is a
good thing. Educating them on the positive points and showing the city we have
OVERWHELMING COMMITMENT to making this park a plus for the Haight district.(
since the writing of this update the rec and park has offered us another site at the
park, we are doing a site survey to see if it will be better suited to our needs. Bh)


17 comments on “Golden Gate Park- Waller St

  1. seems like we are at a turning point for waller st. we have had a successful meeting with ross mirkarimis office and we are going to start a ” pavement to park ” style program where we are incorporating the black marble ledges from market into a mutli use skate plaza. we are working with REBAR group to intergrate some skate-able art and draw the public to that side of the park. we hope to have the go ahead soon … maybe around june 2011.
    stay tuned… stay patient

  2. i hope this is happening. we will be making a skate trip this week and want to stop there… what’s going on?

    • park is going to happen. right now there is an air quality assesment being done by the city. we are working on moving them faster. once that is done three months to pick the builder, four months to build.

      keep rollin. bryan

  3. another update. we might be seeing some benches soon. lots of details but it will be sooner than later. on another note our presence at the 6th st flat spot has become an issue with the roller skaters who have been inundating the rec park dept with complaints about skateboarders. as you all know vandalism by skaters is not helpful to our cause. even though we have found out that no skater actually vandalized the sign, so if the park puts in a new sign, please dont tear it down. they are getting upset at replacing it. if you want to voice your concern about waller st and the problems at the flat spot. stop by the lodge at stanyan and oak st at the park entrance and ask for phil ginsburg, head of rec park. he welcomes skater input.

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