Mission Bay skatepark


we have been working to find a spot in or around Mission Bay for a permanent park, problem is. all that area is prime development for ucsf. we need to outreach to the local neighbors for their input. Stay Tuned this project will see some movement soon!


we are starting a mission bay/ blue greenway skatepark committee. this group will be communicating with the port commission, and ucsf med campus and the blue greenway commision to facilitate and communicate the needs of the skate community. the parks included are warm water cove, india basin, third and army and mission bay . these projects have been in the works for a few years and we now need to assign people to these projects. if you live in that area and would like to coordinate. e mail us!

Mission Bay – We have been waiting for the mission bay campus to complete a few
more buildings while we work on golden gate park. There has been community
interest in the park and we some of the folks over there are coming together to

help sway the campus to build a skate park. We have been sleeping on this project
due to the immense effort we have put into golden gate park. But we have had a
community member and loyal SFSA friend SARAH keeping the pulse of Mission bay
and she recently emailed us to say she has tracked 450 kids who now live in MB
and she is about ready to hold a community meeting to push for more progress on
MBSP! Keep rollin SARAH!


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