Warm Water Cove skate park/ bmx park


The port people who are redeveloping the eastern shoreline, called “the Blue Greenway project”  have included our idea for a skate park in their plans. We have advocated for this area for some time, maybe four years ago now, and we had wanted three parks, Mission Bay, Warm Water cove and India Basin. all three have been combined to make one big park that will include a bmx park also, when this project comes around for community input we will let you all know. And yes we will advocate for two parks, one for skating and one for bmx. Stay tuned!


we are starting a steering committee for the blue greenway projects. this includes three skateparks, warm water cove, india basin, and third and army. we will hold a meeting in january to discuss and plan for thee upcoming year. if you would like to be a part of this committee , e mail us.

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we have been contacted by officer tim ortiz of the bayview police department about making third and army a legit spot. officer ortiz is a new officer and as one of his first projects was to help make this spot real. he has been in contact with the port, PUC, supervisor sophie maxwell’s office and in the coming week we are going to meet with all the party’s andsee where it will go. we are hoping for a bathroom, water and trash cans… and some lights.Third and Army – We were contacted by officer Tim Ortiz of the Bayview police
department, he is a new officer and wanted to help us create a permanent park at
3rd st. he hopes to get a bathroom, lights, and other improvements soon. He has
contacted the public utilities commission, the port authority, Supervisor Maxwell,
rec and park and MTA to help see this project through. Stay tuned to this one, could
be happening within the year.


4 comments on “Warm Water Cove skate park/ bmx park

  1. this project has been put on hold. officer Tim Ortiz has finished his community outreach and since he bit off more than he could chew , he stopped. we looked into working with the port authority but they were just worried about whether skaters would wear helmets, so we decided to let thrid and army be third and army until the blue green way project gets to this section of the project.

    • Hello everyone it’s me Officer Ortiz, I haven’t forgotten about this project and what it means to your organization. I have contacted the SF Skateboarding Association and with out your input the ball would have never even started to roll regarding the 3rd and Army Skate Park. I am currently at the Southern Police Station, not in Bayview like I was prior, and I have learned a lot about the politics in the city. Sophie Maxwell is no longer the Supervisor of District 10 it is now Malia Cohen. Initially when I started making phone calls regarding the issue of turning the area into a skate park, I was lead in an amazing loop of pass the ball to a different organization. I was told that the police department would be required to enforce helmet and curfew rules regarding the park. Since I am a very low ranking officer I could not promise to enforce these laws. Since I am not a skater and since I do not hold the cards I could not agree to enforce the above mentioned proposals. An issue that was also brought up was funding. I could not promise any of the organizations that I spoke with proper funding. I don’t know if the word funding was used to kill my project or if they were serious? Therefore I was left no other option but to leave the park as it was and not continue the project. I apologize if you feel that I have not been campaigning for your park, but I will continue to work the the SF Skateboarding Association on obtaining a park. Your organization has my email address and can contact me in a second attempt to make the skate park a dream come true.

      • thank you officer ortiz. i am sure you got the run around. third and army is going to be part of the blue greenway project. it would be beneficial if you could help us continue to advocate for this project from the police and community point of view. these parks take years to become reality, with your continued support we will succeed. please continue to check our site and when there is a need for participation in a meeting or writing a letter or making a phone call,that’s when things start to move.once again thank you for all your hard effort and support.

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